Wednesday, August 06, 2003

nice IRAN! 

I love my country and my nationality but I know that we have a lot of problems to solve.
There are problems in our religion; culture, behavior and …
I think the most important problem is that we (nearly all) think problems are because of our regime. It means we never try to solve them.
One of these problems that I can see everyday in my company or even in myself is that we are so proud of ourselves! We (Iranian) are all bosses, we cannot be just employees! Ok then, how many bosses can live in one country? Then no one works and no one tries to do his job in a good way … then what happens? IRAN, which is nothing in world!

Monday, July 14, 2003

again BAND 

Yeah! That is it “Free our Weblogs”:
In iran they have blocked blogger! users in Iran can not see their weblogs and can not edit it. They can not see other weblogs using the blog spot facilities. we can sign this petition to show our protest.
I said "they" because in Iran never is clear who speaks or makes rules! rules are there, you should obey otherwise? there is no otherwise!!

Sunday, July 13, 2003

a kind of Iranian death 

I said: In Iran being a university student is very risky but I have to say nowadays in general being an Iranian is so risky as well. If you are a Canadian passport holder or any other country makes no difference!
Death of “Zahra Kazemi” sounds like this. You know, for every Iranian carrying another country ‘s passport is a hard reachable dream because we think with Iranian passport in this big world we are no one! But it seems no difference if you are an Iranian You are always an Iranian and you will die as an Iranian.
This would be a dirty policy for Canada’s government ignoring death of a freelance photographer.

Saturday, July 12, 2003


Being a university student is very risky in Iran! According to statistics reports after 18-tir during 3 years, 465 of university students are in different prisons. No one supports them because they do not have any relationship with different opposites of regime; they are paying their independency price. Nowadays In Iran, everyone says we do not want this regime but no one knows what we want instead?
We think it is the time to be a real part of world. We want to live like other people in the world with respect that we think we deserve that.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I don't know what to do? All my friends are frightening me from writing in a weblog. After arresting "Sina Motalebi" one of the Iranian bloggers, every one says having a weblog is very risky. So I won't give any personal data any more but I will do try to be honest and say documented words.

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